One of my favorite things to do growing up was to look at my parents’ wedding album. Not only was it so exciting as a child to see photos of my parents on their wedding day but I was also intrigued to see the bridal fashions of 1981 New York City. Needless to say, there was a lot of white tuxedos, chiffon and of course, bridesmaids befitted with matching hats. Their photos are a beautiful glimpse into their past as a couple. There is no denying that my parents had a very trendy 1981 wedding.

With the dawn of Pinterest and Instagram, wedding trends are more prevalent than ever. I scroll through my Instagram feed and am bombarded with tablescapes and floral arrangements that are almost identical. There is no doubt that social media and the internet have played a huge role in the way people marry. Just because it is trendy does not mean it is bad but just because it is trendy does not mean it is good either.

My advice when choosing which trends to follow for your wedding day is always the same; ask yourself: Is this item (chevron, teepee, mason jar, wooden signage, etc) reflective of me and my to-be’s love and personality or is it just something I thought I should do since I saw it on Pinterest? Why am I choosing this item? Is it because it is trendy or because it makes me happy and adds an element of personality (whimsy, class, fun, etc) to my wedding day? By reflecting on these items it will help create continuity on your wedding day and will result in beautiful photos that your children will look at for years and years to come.