There is so much conflicting information on the internet today regarding weddings. Some blogs encourage brides and grooms to be fierce negotiators; others say the opposite. As a wedding planner, it is often my job to negotiate price on behalf of clients but, as with most industries, negotiations in the wedding industry are not always guaranteed and it can sometimes, even from a professional point of view be a tad awkward when you’re dealing with a fellow small business owner. Most businesses in the wedding industry have an overhead; some larger than others. Photographers, for example. are constantly having to buy new equipment such as lenses, new cameras, software and many other items that us laymen can’t even begin to grasp. As a wedding planner, I personally have marketing, insurances such as liability for your event, graphic design, and even photography costs associated with my business and the list goes on and on with each and every field. As a bride and groom, how much value should you put on the creative process? 

The answer is: A LOT. Many of us creatives in the wedding field think and talk of nothing else but weddings. We do this not just for the paycheck but because we love the beauty of weddings. Each couple and wedding is unique and a chance for us to put our creative touch on your event, hoping to make memories that last a lifetime for you. To quote fellow planner Kaella Wilson “Nothing takes the wind out of a creative’s sails quite like an endless haggling negotiation over price. I’ve sat through a few consultations where the bridal party is less interested in creative vision, and purely interested in how low they can whittle our investment price for a given wedding package down. Don’t be that bride – your vendors are in creative professions because of their talent and passion.” 

That being said, what do you do when you feel that the proposed price you’ve been given for a particular service is too high? Before you start trying to haggle the price, first ask what is included in the package. A videographer may give you a quote of $4000 for the day of your wedding but that could mean a lot of different things depending on the their service structure. Ask them for an itemized quote that includes a list of their services. Either this videographer is not the right fit for you or you can go with a simpler package. Each wedding vendor has a a set of highly specialized skills and it is important to understand the value that each and every vendor holds. Never have I heard a bride say that they regretted booking a highly skilled vendor. If anything, most regret with couples lies in their not valuing their vendors and choosing a vendor solely for their price rather than their skill.

Overall, go for the best vendors you can possibly afford. Tell your vendors what your budget is. A budget is not an item to be ashamed of but rather gives us a gauge of if and how we can help you achieve your wedding vision. Being honest and up front with each vendor is not only refreshing but very welcome. If you cannot afford our services but love our work, we will always gladly point you in the direction of someone else who we think can.