Brides and Grooms are constantly being told what they MUST have and what they MUST buy for their wedding by well-meaning friends, family and our frenemy “the internet”. It can be very easy to get carried away and listen to them.
Do we need a wedding bell, guest book, menu cards, decaf coffee, multiple dessert stations,  and all the other bells and whistles? I asked some recent and not so recent brides about what was the one thing that they regret dishing out hard-earned cash for on their wedding day. Their answers may surprise you!

The venue
Amber M.-: An inclusive venue. I wanted a private home estate wedding vibe, complete with sleeping on the property instead of traveling. I found an inn that gave me the feeling, but their packages included cheap wine I didn’t care for way marked up (I would have preferred to bring my own) and limited beer options. Because I skipped alcohol and just served beer and wine, this was disappointing. I should have searched harder for a venue that accommodated me.

The dress
Julia K.: Probably my dress, which is terrible because I absolutely LOVED my dress. My budget was under $1,000 and I ended up spending close to $3,000 for a Sarah Seven gown. I definitely could have found something similar and equally beautiful for a lot less. Buttttt in the moment, my heart was set on the Sarah Seven and I bought it! Definitely regret it.

Kristen A.: My dress. I found one I loved but my mom didn’t “love” it so I kept searching until I found one she did love. It was fine…but it wasn’t THE dress. 7 years later and I still regret the dress and not sticking to what I loved.

Kristen C.: Napkins…I was so worried about every single detail making my vision that we spent $500 on having colored napkins to match. Probably could’ve easily shaved off a few thousand in unnecessary and forgettable details.

The Hotel
Abrea C.: We got a nicer hotel room the night of our wedding, but we were so exhausted we couldn’t have cared less at that point! smile emoticon We were flying out the next morning pretty early so I think we only spent about five hours in the room anyways!

Krista B.:  This is going to sound so cold-hearted but GUESTS. We caved to peer pressure to invite all the family and ended up with a couple hundred people, when what WE really wanted was a small wedding with just our parents, siblings, and a close few friends (less than 20 people). Instead we hosted two receptions (cake and hors d’oeuvres reception for everyone, dinner reception for the ENTIRE family – over 150 people)

Carri E.: We invited a lot of people who weren’t on our original list because our parents added them – and we spent a lot of the reception visiting with them instead of talking with our friends! I would have had it a lot sMaller. But our parents were paying so we wanted to respect their wishes. Maybe invite them but not spend so much time going from table to table! smile emoticon I don’t know a good solution, but that is what I would change – less “family friends” or random guests.

Kait M.: I wanted just immediate family and a few close friends. We ended up with 85 people which was fine, but we spent half our budget on food and service (which was delicious and incredible). We invited people who we felt obligated to have, but didn’t really want to have there! In the end I loved our wedding evening which was more like a large dinner party. But I definitely could have gone smaller and still been just as happy.

Gabby Lute I spent months scouring thrift shops for wine glasses & beer mugs of various shapes and sizes; a lot of time and effort, so that each guest could have one to take home. There was a big sign out. And we had 72 glasses left over out of 113 guests

Georgia Y.: We spent a lot of money on cake, and I wish that we had allotted some of that elsewhere. Especially because we had way too much cake and it wasn’t even that great.

O.: Too many limos. We got one for the parents and one for the bridal party and another for ourselves.. We should have only gotten ours!