​Whenever someone hears that I am a wedding planner, especially a recent bride, they share with me all the details of their weddings including their joys and regrets. I sincerely love hearing about recent weddings. I have learned a lot from casual acquaintances’ tell-all accounts and have used these insights to make me a better planner and help clients navigate their wedding plans with foresight.

I decided to reach out to former brides and grooms that I am acquainted with through social media and asked them what are some things that they regret not including in their wedding day. The answers were across the board consistent. I had over 200 responses and pretty much all former brides and grooms agreed that they wished they didn’t skimp on professional vendors and services. The top 3 types of services that they regret not including in their wedding day were no surprise to me. Read further to see if they come as a surprise to you!

1. Entertainment

” I wish I would have spent more on my DJ! That is your entertainment right there. Without entertainment, sometimes the reception can be kind of awkward.”
-Leanna B.

“Our friends were “DJs” and gifted us their time. That was great, but they messed up a lot of important details, didn’t follow the playlist, and didn’t even play the most important song for us. Definitely wish we would have invested in a professional.”
-Kelsey W.

2. Videography

“I loved my wedding photos, but  do regret not hiring a videographer though. Some videos of our first dance, caking cutting and the vows would have been great.”
Katlyn C.

“We didn’t hire a videographer (a friend taped the ceremony for us, so we have that) and I wish I would have spent more and gotten the photographer I really had my heart set on. Ours was good, but because of our timeline, I chose quickly. I wish I had been more intentional about that because while the photos are fine, I think we could have gotten a better person for the same price or a little more, and been happier.”
-Jennifer W.

3. Wedding Planner

“If I could do it all over again, I’d have gotten a wedding planner. I completely underestimated the amount of time and energy it would take to plan a wedding and I was so stressed on the day of the wedding that I wasn’t able to fully be present and enjoy the day and key moments.”
-Allyse S.

“My one regret was not hiring a day-of coordinator, so that family and my husband and I could relax a little more”.
-Laurelyn T,​