It is all too common that I receive an inquiry from a bride asking if I do only Day of Coordination rather than Month of Coordination since they need something less comprehensive. Brides and grooms of the world, here is a secret: Day of Coordination & Month of Coordination are EXACTLY the same thing! 

Let me tell you why! In order for us wedding planners to run your beautifully planned wedding smoothly and without little to no hiccups, we need lots of information. We need floorplans, seating charts, vendor introductions, time to create a detailed timeline, a list of all of your personal items that you are dropping off, how you’d like the tables to be set up and the list goes on and on. As you can imagine, it takes quite a bit of time and discussion to get the above information and make it into something cohesive and tangible. For our brides and grooms, our involvement typically starts 6-8 weeks before their wedding day. That is when we meet up and go through the ins and outs of your wedding day. That is where we make suggestions and try to help you optimize your wedding day by creating a timeline that not only works for the vendors but also you and your family. Prior to that, we are happy to provide suggestions and vendor recommendations to our clients.

Day of Coordination is a term that is misleading to brides and grooms and implies that it is something a wedding planner can just show up on the day of the wedding and do. If that were the case, there would be little to no value in the services that we offer. Wedding Coordination is no longer a luxury item for brides and grooms having large six or seven figure weddings, but rather an investment in peace of mind on your wedding day. That is a service that all brides and grooms, regardless of their wedding budget deserve to have. Click Here for a breakdown of Month of Coordination services by Lifestyle Maven Events.