First off, what is an unplugged ceremony? It is when a couple consciously decides to have all guests refrain from taking photos using their phones, cameras, tablets, or any other device.

Why do couples have unplugged ceremonies?

1. So that guests can be fully present during the ceremony.

​In our Instagram crazed  society, many people focus more on getting an amazing photo to upload than on the actual moment. Most of the time, most guests will pay little attention to the ceremony itself and more about their mobile devices. Having an unplugged ceremony means guests can share in your happiness and be fully present physically and mentally.

2. So that there are fewer interruptions.
When you ask guests to shut off their devices, it means there’s less of a chance that phones will ring, notifications will go off,  and guests will have to step out to take an “important call”. 90% of weddings I attend or plan, phones do ring, the officiant makes a joking reminder, guests are embarrassed and couples are annoyed. All of that is avoided with an unplugged ceremony.

3. So that your photographer can do their job.
You searched high and low for the perfect photographer to capture your wedding day. You’ve invested thousands of dollars and had several meetings with the photographer to go over the lighting and shot list for your ceremony and reception. When you get your photos back, you see that your beautiful ceremony photos are full of your guests’ cell phones, guests standing in the aisle and oops! your first kiss as a married couple was obstructed by your Uncle Ernie trying to get the perfect ‘gram on his new iPhone 7. Not only is this frustrating for the couple, but it is incredibly frustrating for the photographer. Having an unplugged ceremony insures that your photographer will get the perfect shots and you won’t have to be mad at Uncle Ernie.