You just got engaged and imagined you’d be floating on cloud nine but instead are an anxious mess. All of your friends and family keep asking you if you’ve set a date and providing unsolicited advice and preferences. Unfortunately, for many couples this is their reality. This can lead to planning fatigue, a delay of planning or just rushing into wedding decisions for the sake of making progress.

When I get approached by clients it is usually during these 3 scenarios:

1- They just got engaged and want a planner on board immediately

2- I just booked a venue and want help with finding the right vendors and designing my wedding

3- Holy crap! I am getting married in x amount of months and have nothing done. Help!

Many couples may have a great grasp of their style but do not have the insight, time or energy to dedicate to planning a wedding leaving them with wedding burnout and lots of stress. Regardless of whether you are planning on hiring a planner in a full or partial capacity, it will save you lots of time and potentially money to hire a planner as soon as you’ve established a wedding budget. 

TL;DR You should hire a wedding planner (aka me) as soon as you’ve established a budget!